Cookies and their uses


Our website uses the cookies, like all websites, in order to help you to receive the best experience. The cookies are text files of little dimensions that they are set up on your computer or mobile phone when you surf the web.


Our cookies help us to:

Allow to the correct functionality of our website according to your expectations;

To improve the velocity/security of the website;

To improve continuously our website for you.


We use cookies for:

to collect information of personal identification (without your clear consensus);

to collect sensitive data (without your clear consensus);

to transmit the data that allow to the personal identification of third parties;

to pay sale commission.


Following you will find further information on all cookies used by us.


To guarantee to us the authorization for the cookies use


If the software settings used for the visualisation of this website (your browser) are set up in order to accept the cookies, we interpret this action like your acceptance of this procedure by you, as well as your continuous use of the website. If you would like to remove the cookies from our website, you could learn as to proceed with. Anyway, doing that our website could not function according to your expectations.

Further information on our cookies

Cookies for third parties

We use cookies to allow to third parties to use cookies, web beacons and similar technologies to collect or receive information from our website and to use this information in order to supply measurement services and to definite the addresses of insertions.

Cookie for anonymous statistics on the visitors

We use the cookies for the statistics compiling on the visitors, for example: we use it to count the quantity of people visit our website; to see which technology they use (Mac or Windows in order to recognize on which technology our website does not operate as we want); the spent time of theirs on our website; which page they consult; etc.

That help us to improve continuously our website. Furthermore, the “analysis” programs show us, anonymously, how the users have arrived at this website (for example: from a browser) and if they have already consulted it before, in order to establish if it is necessary to allocate further financial resources for the development of our services for the users instead for the marketing costs.


Removal of cookies

Usually it is possible to remove the cookies setting the browser in order that it does not accept more them. However, it is probably, removing them, that in the most part of websites the features are restricted, being the cookies are one of the most important functionalities presents in the contemporary websites.